How to Organize Your Own District Unconference or EDcamp

Every summer I work to organize and put together an unconference/ edcamp for my district. I know some districts build these into their professional learning days. This is great, and definitely a way to revamp old PD models. But there is something to be said about having one home grown, organic to your district’s needs, and … well… in the summer. Workshops can be tailored to YOUR liking, you can designate a theme that mimics a district or building goal or none at all, and it is a great way to highlight all of the great teaching that is going on in your district. The summer just makes it fun and informal (keys to some of the best professional learning). Yes- attending one isn’t out of the question either. But what if you could organize your own and make it exactly what you want it to be? Continue reading “How to Organize Your Own District Unconference or EDcamp”