I am the District Staff Development Coordinator at Ramapo Indian Hills Regional School District in Oakland, New Jersey. As a dedicated educator for over eight years, I am known for implementing technology in seamless ways and differentiating instruction in the classroom. While teaching high school English, I featured a gamified, self-paced and self-directed, mastery learning classroom. I have had the pleasure of presenting at Montclair State University’s Emerging Learning Design Conference, the NJECC Annual Conference, Monmouth University, and TeachMeetNJ. I am a Google Certified Educator, Apple 2016 Teacher, and Schoology Ambassador. I am responsible for supporting teachers’ understanding, implementation, and use of technology in the classroom, as well as piloting numerous applications, hardware, and software.

I have extensive knowledge in the areas of project-based and skill-based learning,  gamification, and student engagement, as well as UBD design and the inclusion of learning management systems in the classroom. I am working to differentiate and meet students where they are, design more engaging learning experiences that meet the whole student, and create professional development for teachers that utilizes the seamless integration of technology in the classroom.

Looking for a presenter or someone to run a workshop at your school? The following are presentation/workshop topics I can run or have run in the past.

  • Gamification
  • Google Apps for Education
  • Blended Learning
  • Flipped Learning
  • Inquiry-based Learning
  • Enhancing Student Engagement
  • Genius Hour/ 20% Time
  • Web Tools and Applications for Digital Creation
  • Schoology
  • and more!

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